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The Benefits of Being a Step Mother

By: Elizabeth Grace - Updated: 18 Oct 2014 | comments*Discuss
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Parenting is a lot of work, there is no doubt about that. No matter how old the children are, parents and stepparents spend a great deal of their time and energy (not to mention money) on meeting the children’s needs.

Despite the difficulties, though, most parents wouldn’t trade the experience for any other, understanding that the benefits of parenthood far outweigh the challenges.

When they get married, stepmothers sign on for a great deal of heartache, but they are also promised the potential for a love so deep that it will stay with them forever.

Being Influential in the Life of a Child

Children learn more from the people who live with them in their homes than they do from any other source. As children grow and mature, they will have other teachers who help to guide them and give them direction, but from their first moments and continuing all throughout their childhoods, it is parents (and sometimes stepparents) who have the greatest influence.

Because of the enormity of the influence of parents, parenting is a serious undertaking, but also one of life’s most rewarding. It is the rare parent that doesn’t look at their kids with awe as they try new things, master new skills, meet new challenges, and make sound decisions.

These earmarks of development and maturity are points of pride for parents and stepparents, who understand that their child was able to succeed, in part, because of the help that they provided. There are few rewards sweeter for loving parents and stepparents than watching their children make their way in the world with competence and confidence.

Giving and Receiving Love

Children give love easily and without restrictions, which is one of the things that makes all of the work and worry seem like a small price to pay for all that is received.

Stepmothers who offer stepchildren their hearts often find that the children respond in kind, helping the whole family to feel bonded to one another and connected by more than legalities.

Many people feel drawn to parenting because of the need to share the love that they feel, and stepmothers who take on the task of guiding their spouse’s children through childhood typically feel this way, too.

Kind, responsible adults often feel a sense of responsibility to share their blessings with others, and there is no better way of giving to the world than to provide children with loving guidance.

Pure, Simple Fun

Let’s face it, kids are fun little people. They romp, play, and laugh with abundance, having yet to learn restraint that is common in adults. When there are kids in the picture, parents and stepparents feel free to be silly, behaving as they did when they were very young and finding joy in the simplest of pleasures.

Adults without children in tow may get funny looks if they are seen swinging on the swings or playing a game of hopscotch, but add a child or two and suddenly, it is no longer seen as strange, but is instead viewed as evidence of good, involved parenting. How sweet is that?

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@Tim Step families are now the fastest growing family type in the UK. with an estimated 1 in 3 of all families having a step child or parent in the family. Happysteps.co.uk which works in association with Relate delivers a range of workshops for both stepfamilies and parenting professionals along with all sorts of other advice and support. At the same time because there is such a growth in step families there are also a lot more groups springing up. If you Google 'step parent support groups' you should hopefully find one local to you. Good luck.
BeingAStepParent - 20-Oct-14 @ 2:47 PM
Good afternoon, my son has moved in with me andmy wife she has no children. Is there any support groups or help I can find for my wife to feelbshe can talk to as she is feeling a little lost at present. I am trying to get her free of her worries but I cannot answer some of her questions as I am new to being a full time dad. Thankyou for your time, Tim Radcliffe 07970463408
Tim - 18-Oct-14 @ 5:13 PM
I am a loving mother to two beautiful children and have two step children as well who I love dearly.My husband is currently seeking a varriation so the children can spend 50/50 time with us.Does anyone know the chances of this outcome?
anon2809 - 28-Sep-14 @ 6:40 PM
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