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Dealing with Disrespectful Stepchildren

By: Elizabeth Grace - Updated: 22 Feb 2021 | comments*Discuss
Dealing With Disrespectful Stepchildren

It can be very hard for a parent to deal with their disrespectful children, but even harder for stepparents, who may not feel that they have the authority to change the way that their stepchildren behave. Allowing kids to be disrespectful, though, isn’t doing them any favours, as all children need to understand the importance of treating others with care and respect. Once a home environment of less than stellar child behaviour has been established, it can be hard to turn it around – but it is not impossible.

Establishing Reasonable Boundaries for Stepchildren

Every household needs rules. Society operates on a system of behavioural guidelines and one of the most important tasks of parents is to prepare their children to become well-functioning members of society, and that training begins in the home. Teaching children to speak and behave in a manner that honours other people helps them to understand appropriate behaviour as well as gives them a base of self-respect and good impulse control.

Children can and should be encouraged to express their emotions, but it is important that they learn to do so without hurting others. Disrespectful back-talking, refusal to comply with house rules, or selfish expectations are all examples of habits that children can easily acquire if their parents and stepparents do not show them that these behaviours will not be tolerated. Kids need to have a clear idea of what is expected of them and they must also be made aware of the consequences, should they choose to behave otherwise.

Enlisting the Help of your Spouse

Stepparents who have the support of their spouses have a much better chance of getting the stepchildren to treat them with respect and comply with house rules than those whose spouses fail to stand up and make their positions clear. Especially in the beginning, kids may be more inclined to take direction from their natural parent, rather than from a stepparent, who they may view as an unwelcome intruder. The adults in the home need to decide together on a set of behavioural guidelines for the children and then present them together, sending the message that obstinate or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated by either parent.

Setting Limits and Respectful Discipline

Teaching kids to be respectful requires that they be disciplined in a kind and respectful manner. It is unreasonable to expect that parents and stepparents can utilise harsh methods of discipline and then have children who do not emulate this type of behaviour. Kids may learn a bit from listening to a line-list of rules, but they are more heavily influenced by observing the important adults in their lives. Gentle, yet firm guidance will help kids to understand that they do not need to behave in disrespectful ways in order to be noticed and understood.

Breaking Through when Stepchildren are Stubborn

Some children seem determined to be defiant, despite the efforts of their parents and stepparents to garner their cooperation. Wild or disrespectful behaviour can be symptomatic of a variety of conditions, so if a parent finds that their children are out of control or disrespectful in more than one area of their lives (for example, they act out at home and at school), they may want to seek the advice of their GP to see of their child may be suffering from an undiagnosed behaviour disorder. Teachers and school officials may find it difficult to deal with kids who aren’t able to control their behaviour, so seeking input from children’s teachers can be invaluable. Effective treatment is available once an accurate diagnosis has been made, so parents should not delay in seeking help if they feel that their children’s disrespectful behaviour may be the result of a physical or emotional condition.

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I need some advice. So me and my partner have recently taken on his son full time and this have been for just over 2 months. His son is 8yo and he is great however now he is starting to not listen to me. Whenever his dad asks him, he does it first time without hesitation. I had an issue where his dad was asleep and he woke me up screaming through his xbox headphones at 3am and after 5 times of me asking him to turn it off he just ignored me. I spoke to his dad the next morning as I had to sleep on the sofa as it was the only place I couldn't hear him and he wanted to know why. He took the headphones off him for 5 hours then as I went to the shop his son waited until I wasn't there to sulk and ask for them back which my partner gave in saying that was enough of a discipline. Its hard because if that was my son I would've handled it differently and I feel as this is not the first time it has happened it's going to start causing arguments between us. Anyone else had this issue???
babs1312 - 22-Feb-21 @ 10:29 AM
I’ve been engaged for about 1 year and a couple of months now , & i have a stepdaughter & i have no kids of my own ! Lately i been receiving a lot of disrespect or Smart/flip comments from my stepdaughter, & a lot of times i don’t say anything and my fiancé don’t say anything ! So i looked at him and was like you see what I’m talking about! But he feel as if as a parent i shouldn’t get mad about that because she a kid & im like you right she a kid so she shouldn’t make comments/or ask disrespectful questions to me ! He got mad , got out the car and told my daughter lets go ! And he tells me obviously i don’t know what I’m doing as a parent because i haven’t had one of my own yet ! I don’t know what it’s like , saying that I’m mean to her when i know I’m not ! If it’s anything she taught me how to be a mother , that is just certain things i will not tolerate as a parent rather if i had her biological! Was i wrong ! Because all of this is just a lot for me I’m doing my best and idk if i can take anymore , not only that felt disrespected and hurt from my stepdaughter i also felt disrespected and hurt from my fiancé.
TreyTrey - 20-Feb-21 @ 12:57 AM
I am a father of 3 one two girls and the older daughter always trying to get her own way. She Bullies her sister and brother into spying on me and she tells her mum things about me which ain’t true every time I talk to my wife she always says you just telling me this as you don’t like my daughter and always picking on her.But this is not the case I always treat the kids the same or try to but I am not loud to say nothing about my stepdaughter and what she does and now my wife is always bully me that I am bringing up the kids with no respect and Bad behaviour I need help I feel trapped in this house and unhappy and do not know what to do about this
Gerry - 11-Nov-20 @ 9:27 AM
My stepkid says the most hurtful things to me. He says I’m too fat, my thighs are huge, I have too many veins in my legs, etc. i know he’s only 10 and I shouldn’t let the kid’s comments get to me but I still can’t help but get hurt. He also compares me a lot to his mother. he says his mom is really beautiful and has very white skin while I’m very fat and dark skinned. One time we were in the car with his father and he asked his dad if he wanted to have a fat family and the kid hit me really hard on my arm twice when I laughed. He said I was bullying him for laughing. I can understand the kid must have some issues but I just feel like I don’t need this in my life Right now.
CL - 6-Oct-20 @ 1:50 AM
I've tried all of these steps and it doesn't matter. I set boundaries and my SD breaks through them like they mean nothing. I punish with taking away video games and screen time, she doesn't care, she amps up her defiance even more. I am at a point where if I don't get a lock for the electronics and refrigerator soon, she will be snacking, getting drinks, and watching TV all night long unless I stay up all night as well sitting in the kitchen/livingroom. She exhibits dangerous behaviors making secret tiktok accounts posting her image and full name publicly, sneaking out at night and making plans to sneak out, the list goes on. Her father and I have beem together since she was a year old, she didn't start getting like this until maybe 6. She started acting like a toddler more and more, while simultaneously wanting adult freedoms. Just short of breaking off our relationship and me leaving with our son, I don't see how I'm going to get any relief. I already have talked and talked till I'm blue in the face with her mother and father and step father, and despite everything they still put me in position of caring for SD for remote schooling, caregiving, etc. I'm at my very limit and feel very trapped and very frustrated, I care very much for my SD and her future, but I just can't parent properly when nothing I say or do means or impacts her at all in any way
Katz - 28-Sep-20 @ 2:47 PM
I met my husband 6 years ago. We have been married 5 years this year. I have 3 adult childrentho only one lives with us but in a mobile home on our grounds. My husband has I adult son who lives with us. I am really struggling with what my stepson does. He steals from me.I have to lock things away in our bedroom and I've brought a chest to lock. I also leave my purse and bag in the car or carry it when I go in the garden. I'm getting sick of it. He go's through my wardrobe and drawers in my bedroom and takes things. He uses my shampoos and my razor I use for my legs. Uses my towel even though he has his own. He is always taking things. The other day someone made me a cupcake and he took that but when asked he denies all these things even though he has done it. When I speak to my husband about it as I say the first few words he interups me and says I know know I know what he's like. That means be quiet. What can I do because I'm now getting to a stage where I cannot even speak to my stepson and I'm starting not to want to be married. I don't know how to solve this and it's not healthy living
Irish - 20-Jul-20 @ 8:03 PM
My husband ex wife constantly has my step son disrespect me every time and I'm tired of this childish behavior on her behalf I think her mental and verbal abuse is not the best interest of the child what can I do??
Fran - 4-Jul-20 @ 7:33 PM
My situation is a little different... My s/o adopted his cousin when she was a few weeks old (mom was always on drugs, same with dad but he was never around). I came in the picture when she was just 5 and she was so happy to have me around. Then I got pregnant and she started acting out. Her “sister” mine and her “dads” first ever child ended up passing away in the NICU so that obviously made her act out even more. Well it’s been a year this July that our daughter has passed and his cousin is still acting like a little brat! It doesn’t matter how we punish her, she’s still a manipulative little brat and it honestly makes me want to leave. I can’t stand being around her. But it’s not fair to leave him because of her... I just don’t know what to do.
Hunter21 - 22-Jun-20 @ 11:42 PM
I have been with my husband for 6 years, we have two children, 3 and 5, together and he has a daughter from previous marriage, 14. For most of our relationship I have been the sole parent in the house as hubby is a workaholic. When my step daughter was young I was always terrified to over step when I felt she was out line but was worried that he wasn’t doing enough (or anything) to correct her behaviour. I gently swayed her into some better habits over time, she was obviously spoiled before my presence in her life and in need of direction. She was always harder to handle after being with her mom but when she was 12 she moved in with us full time. Nothing gets easier at 12 yo with a daughter away from a perfectly healthy capable bio mother who is simply unavailable...Lately she has been developing worse and worse habits and behaviours to the point that I do not feel comfortable with her being around her young siblings unsupervised. She is borderline abusive with my 5yo physically and physiologically, using marijuana regularly, hiding empty alcohol bottles and even going as far as drinking vanilla extract to get buzzed. Not to mention blatantly disrespecting my husband as regularly as possible. She is extremely manipulative and takes advantage of both her bio parents to whatever end she likes. Unfortunately this all has finally culminated into my husband reaching his limit with her. She is no longer welcome to live with us. I love her dearly, I really do. I have done my absolute best to raise her for the past 6 years and she isn’t all bad. But her bio parents ruined her. At the end of the day, no matter what you do, as a step parent, it will never be enough. If your step-child’s biological parent doesn’t take responsibility for their own child’s upbringing, you will be stuck with and unmanageable step child. If your stepchild has behaviour that needs correcting the best thing you can do is appeal to your partner to take action. If they refuse, your relationship with your partner is at an impasse. Children need their bio parents acceptance and love, and yes, discipline, a step parent just won’t cut it. No matter how hard you try. It is with a heavy heart that I admit I don’t want my step daughter in my home again or to be near my children. She has become toxic and I know it’s not her fault. Her bio parents failed her, and I failed her, for not being more persistent with my partner to manage her behaviour starting when I first became involved in her life. I very much want a life with my husband but this whole thing has caused me to lose respect for him as a fellow parent and if we are to continue raising our younger children together I truly think we will need professional counselling. I hope some one finds this helpful, I’m combing the internet to find something to make sense of this mess that my family has become. And it seems all I can find is evidence that other people have the same problems but this is what I have learned so far and I
Enough - 5-Jun-20 @ 10:22 AM
Well I'm a step- parent as well. My situation is this. My husband works alot of hours leaving me to do most of the parenting. The only thing is that when it's my kids I have 3 in the home he has 1 it's fine how I handle any situation but his child hewants handled with white gloves. Now I could see if the kid was. 2 or 3 nut he's 18 and 6 feet 285lbs. He is rude and defiant. I say hi left he goes right if its up he says it's down, it's not doi much that he fights me every step of the way. My problem is more with the dad. He never backs me up on any and all situations. When I talk to him the conversation ends up with him yelling and cursing at me because he doesn't like what I have to say OrI tell him he should discipline him.A few days ago my stepchild and I got into it and it ended with me slapping his mouth. Well he raised his hand and hit me back. I was stunned. I have a fog that just happens to see it all and ad soon as he raised his hand tbe dog tried lunging at him he was tied up. I went inside and from my window I could see this child taunting the dog well at some point I guess he got to close and the dog was able to reach him and with his whole body he lunged at his face knocking him down and resulting in a bloody nose. His dad arrived about 30 min later after all the excitement and I was greeted with his father gettng in my face telling me how I needed not to slap his son all three while not even acknowledging the fact that I had a black eye from his son. I ran up the stairs crying not understanding how this had gotten to this point all the while him still yelling at me. Well now he wanted to know how I could hit his child so hard that I could cause a bloody nose. I said what? Is that what he said? He said you slapped him and Then he had gotten a bloody nose. The kid forgot to mention the dog. My husband said no he told me the dog head lunged at him he didn't say that the dog had caused his bloody nose and that i hadn't. These are the kinds of things I have to deal with half truths and blatant lies. And he just keys his kid slide on every turn. My children have never showed him or anyone else that kind of behavior.i would never let it get to the point where one of my kids would raise a hand to any adult. The best part is the fact that it's been 4 days and until last night after I had words with his father neither one given any thought to the idea of apologizing to me. His father's take on it was it's already been some time if he does apologize it won't even mean anything anymore. Well that's why YOU should've had him do it that day instead of spending your time yelling at me. So this morning he was leaving the house and I was pulling clothes out off the dryer his son walks out of the house passes right by my and his dad calls pouty to him don't you have something to say come over here. He continues walking by me saying how he had to go do something first the something being purifying his swimming trunks in the car
Rosie - 23-May-20 @ 6:12 PM
Ok I really need advice!!! I have five kids, two from me, two from my wife and we have one together. We have been together 10 years and our oldest is 14. He is my step son and his bio dad has convinced him to hate me for the last 5 years. In the last couple weeks he has been a big problem and completely disregard me and his bio dad keeps telling him he does not have to listen to me or behave at all. Mom and I grounded him off his phone because he refused to do any school work but would not give up his phone so I took from him and he used another phone to call the cops on me. After the cops came and corrected his behavior we asked him for his password to his phone. After yet another battle we got the password. After going threw his phone there is tons of hate messages between him and his bio dad about me. I can deal with that but my question after this next part is we’re I really need advice. In a text between his bio dad and him he is asking his bio dad how to kill me and his bio dad responds with answers then ends the long conversation with good luck. I love my step son with all my heart and will never turn him in for it because his is no different then any of the other kids. What should I do? Thanks in advance
Garyc - 15-May-20 @ 7:47 AM
Wow. Everyone that probably searches this must be in the same situation or somewhat. I met a guymany years ago. When we met, he was much much older and he didn't tell me he had kids. Not one, but 3. From 2 different women. Afew years into the relationship, he brings home a 13 year old. He explained that he initially had no idea about her, till her maternal family called him to pick up his daughter following her mother's death. Am an open minded person, so I bought it. Besides she turned out to be a good respectful girl, and I have grown to like her. 2 years later, he brought a another 5 year old. Well, he had earlier mentioned a child he had with his ex be4 they broke up. Now the story was that she was no longer in position to take care of her child. Now this 2nd girl is a horrible horrible bad mannered girl.She is rude, a liar, too self centred and even steals from us. She is disrespectful and torments all other children. She dislikes my bio-daughter, and bullies her in my absence. She isn't openly rude towards me, but behind my back. Her father sees her mannerisms, but does nothing. I have made up my mind to walk away because this environment isn't the best to raise my bio-daughter in. Besides, if I stay, this living situation may turn me into a terrible person filled with hatred.
Mable - 30-Apr-20 @ 11:09 AM
Reading these makes my heart so heavy knowing others having the same issues. I have been in my current relationship for 3.5 years. Coming into the relationship with 1 bio daughter(now 6) he has 2 kids (1 boy9 and 1 girl6) And we have a 18m old son together. His ex wife has always been on and off drugs and in and out of jail. Even when not on either she doesn’t do much aside from call randomly or maybe visit. Within 6 months of being together we got his kids full time. I stay home with all 4 and he works. A lot. His kids act so sweet and innocent when he’s here but they’re so disrespectful And defiant when he’s gone. They both are and always have been pretty awful to my bio daughter (not at all saying she’s perfect) they ruine her things, hide her toys, rip up books, Hurts her physically, his son openly said a couple days ago how he can make up lies to daddy about my bio daughter cause he believes everything his son says. When I try to talk to him about issues going on it never ends well. He act as though I’m against his kids or I’m making a big deal out of nothing. His daughter has now started doing the same things to our 18m old, hiding his toys, breaking them or trying to physically Hurt him.I have tried as well as his family to tell him what’s going on and what happens but he just never takes it well or has a conversation about it cause again acts like they are angels and it’s me or my daughter that’s the problem. I’m at my wits end. I’m here all the time 24/7 dealing with everything and he is also treated like a king in our home and I feel nothing I say matters. Idk what to do but the level of disrespect and bullying is more than I can take anymore. I’ve tried everything this post says and to no avail. I need help. His daughter (almost 7) still owes her pants and says it’s because she doesn’t want to get up, stop playing or watching the and go to the bathroom. Even then he acts as tho something else must be wrong (she’s been to the doc three times over this and they say it’s behavioral) she’s in therapy for things from when they were really little but nothing is helping and he acts like they’re just angels. I’m ready to walk away.
Desperate and dishea - 16-Apr-20 @ 5:13 PM
I have been with my partner for 16 years now and have known his kids since they were toddlers They’ve always had their opinion of me twisted and manipulated by their mother (my partners ex) so never ever really respected me.Have even been cheeky and disrespectful to both me and my partner however my partner will never chastise them His children are now adults and make absolutely no effort for him even after he had a heart attack last year. At a loss as to what to do.They’re happy to meet him in town. Not at our house and excluding me. I know their mother has warped their opinion of me but find it very hurtful that now that they are adults the only time they make the effort is to get a birthday or Christmas present from us.Not very nice people tbh
Catherine - 5-Apr-20 @ 8:50 PM
I have been with my partner for 16 years now and have known his kids since they were toddlers They’ve always had their opinion of me twisted and manipulated by their mother (my partners ex) so never ever really respected me.Have even been cheeky and disrespectful to both me and my partner however my partner will never chastise them His children are now adults and make absolutely no effort for him even after he had a heart attack last year. At a loss as to what to do.They’re happy to meet him in town. Not at our house and excluding me. I know their mother has warped their opinion of me but find it very hurtful that now that they are adults the only time they make the effort is to ge5 a bir5hday or Christmas present from us.Not very nice people tbh
Catherine - 5-Apr-20 @ 8:49 PM
I have hit my breaking point. We have been together for 2 years now, and married for 6 months. I took it upon myself to reestablish the mother/child relationship between my step kids and thier mother. Thier bio mom is a seemingly very nice person, her and I seem to communicate well, so we have been able to have the kids go see her every other weekend. Well, since we started this, the youngest of the 4 step children have treated me like garbage. They are awful to their bio siblings, they act like they can cry and get their way, which they typically do if their father is home. I have 3 children of my own that I have sole custody of, and have raised by myself for most of their life. They NEVER ACTED LIKE THIS! My husband acts as if I need to just get over it, but get isn't the one stuck in the house with them day in and day out. Besides the fact that they act like "daddy's little angels" when he is home. God forbid anyone say anything negative about his sweet little girls. When the reality is that they are heathens from hell! I am at my wits end! I want NOTHING to do with these 2 at all. I feel horrible abd guilty for thinking this way. I need help. And to be honest this article didn't help. I have tried all of these things suggested, and nothing has worked. My bio kids got their butts whooped for bad behavior, and they are some of the sweetest, most respectful, and hard working teenagers anyone knows. HELP!
Witsend - 31-Mar-20 @ 6:15 PM
I am reading all these posts and am so happy I’m not the only one.My soon to be stepson is 11 and I have a 13 ye old boy.The 11 year old boy is disrespectful to his dad and he lives with us full time.His mom lives states away by her own choice.He punches walls, poops in his room and smears it in the carpet, screams as loud as he can at his dad and myself and my son.He listens to nobody.He is a very hateful evil child.I wish someone could step in and help this boy.He needs major counseling and the parents both agree on it but nobody moves any further than that.I have never met such a disrespectful child/person in my life.So sad!!!! I’m lost because I have no voice in the matter and the one suffering the most is the 11 year old boy
Brandi Johnston - 4-Mar-20 @ 7:41 PM
I have been in a relationship for going on 3 years now. My significant other and I have daughters that just 7 months apart in age (6 & 7) and share a year and a half old in common. My daughter and our son live in the home full time, and his daughter stays 50/50 with her mom and us. Unfortunately every time it's her week with us...I dread it. She is a spoiled rotten rude little girl who runs the show and does absolutely no wrong in her dad's eyes (she has him so wrapped around her finger). I in no way try to play her mother but I do a lot for the whole family including her to be disrespected by a 6 year old and have her get away with it. I have tried multiple of times to Express my frustrations with this to my significant other and it never seems to go over well. It's upsetting when my kid has shown nothing but respect towards him and the problem child gets away with anything and everything. I am so fed up to the point of resentment and leaving this relationship because I am SO not okay with being disrespected in my own home by a child who is not mine.
Angeline - 18-Feb-20 @ 5:26 AM
My husband and I have been married for only 3 months and his daughter 15yo suddenly texts him that he wants to move in with us. The ex wife also sent an email to my husband saying that she’s given up on their daughter because she’s rude, sends nude selfie to bf, does drugs. I honestly don’t want her to move in with us. How should I tell my husband about it without coming off as selfish?
MrsGR - 12-Jan-20 @ 6:06 AM
I have 3 stepsons whom I have raised as my own. 2 of them show me so respect as they know I never ever tried to replace their Mom. I have one that will cuss me, punch walls, fight his dad, so on and so on. I am at my end with trying to be nice to him. I am currently in remission for Breast Cancer and I have my health to think about. I also have a child of my own. Any advice I get would be appreciated.
Love - 11-Dec-19 @ 9:53 PM
So sad to read this story as I am in exactly the same situation with my partners 13 year old son. Like yourself my stress levels are so high because of his behaviour and because his mother thinks the sun shines out of his proverbial the problem is of course me!She never tells him off or corrects him. Some time ago I booked a holiday cottage for the three of us in Scotland but have been left with no choice but to cancel it only because the thought of sharing it with that rude spoilt young man fills me with absolute dread. Please look after yourself first and foremost and someone will appreciate you one day believe me.
M - 25-Nov-19 @ 8:51 AM
I'm sitting here reading all these comments and my heart is so sore. I too am in a very difficult relationship. My husband has a 14 year old son who is rude and disrespectful to me and he says nothing. It has caused so many arguments between us and we've only been married for 3 years. I was raised to have good manners, respect others and be an honest and kind individual. Unfortunately my husband and his ex do not believe that their son can do anything wrong. Even when his son disrespects me in front of him he says nothing to the child. Apparently I am the problem. His child is a thief, a liar and extremely cruel to animals. His father sees nothing wrong with any of that and says boys will be boys. I have had to deal with more in the short time we have been married than most people deal with in a lifetime. The stress is affecting my health and still my husband refuses to deal with the situation. I have done more for this child than his own mother in his entire life. Even for my husband who gets treated like a king. I don't know what to do anymore. I am so tired of being treated like a doormat and getting no support from my husband. I am sadly starting to dislike them both intensely and regretting my marriage.
Disheartened - 16-Nov-19 @ 1:26 AM
Hi I have a huge blended family my husband has 5 kids and I have 5 kids and we've been married over a year now and we have a 13 month old baby. All 10 children live with us and DH oldest son lives with BIO mom because he hates me and I hate him. To make a long story short I left my children's father of 9 years because he was very abusive verbally emotionally and physically but my SK BIO MOM is not dead or in jail. She's calls my husband all the time to speak to their kids. My husband won't allow the kids to stay with her and I think it's unfair to me my husband works all-day from 8 am till 8 pm and I have to take care of 5 babies during school hours from ages 13 months 3 4 and 5 and that's 2 4 year olds and no they are not twins. But worst of all his 11 year old daughter has two different personalities when my husband home she's daddys little angel but soon as he pulls off for work she the devil. She's a theif a manipulator and a liar and she bullies the other children in the home she literally tortures her BIO siblings too. When my bio kids and I try to tell my husband the things she does around here he blows it off and acts as if everyone is just trying to gang up on his baby. She does very nasty and disgusting things she has her period so she will leave her sanitary napkin and under wear soaked in blood all over the home she steals food out of the fridge and hides it under her bed or inside of furnitures she defies every rule I sat out she slacks on her chores while my children never disrespect my husband they love my husband but on the other hand my husband child walks around the house slamming doors and being rude talking back and mumbling under her breath when I tell her to do things my husband does not get on her case and now his smaller children are following her lead and being difficult and defiant I'm ready to call it quits meanwhile I feel as if my husband doesn't really want his kids and is bitter his relationship wit BIOMOM didn't work out and is keeping the kids away from her to make her mad. But I feel like the dummy in all of this because if she's at home with only one of their kids and I can no longer work or have a social life because I'm. stuck in the house all day and nite with 10 kids and DH works all-day im the only one raising his kids and deserve to be respected in my own home im just fed up can someone please advise me on what steps I need to take before I end up on the news thanks for reading.
Stepmomnot4long - 1-Nov-19 @ 5:54 PM
The way my new wife handles her kids, 12 and 9, looks like it will undo our marriage. I'm no saint of a parent, but I am experienced in bio and step-parenting. I've raised a phenomenal adult as a single parent and I helped with two phenomenal bonus kids who are now grown. Things like boundaries, respect, manners, and responsibility are important to me. My adult kid is independent and strong and capable in ways many of her peers are not, and I'm proud of most of what I did as a parent. My wife's children, however, run the show with both her and when they're with their father (who wants the kids to erode our marriage). These kids (especially the oldest) call their parents curse names, destroy things in anger around the house, don't do anything they're told, lie constantly, have no consequences or chores, and are tiptoed around. I see behavior begging for clear and firm boundaries, but she sees "little kids" who need cuddles and coddling and are just sleepy or had too much ice cream. Since I have a 12yo also, I not only can't stomach the kids'behavior with no efforts from the parents, but I truly can't afford their influence to undo over a decade of very hard work I put into raising the tremendous adolescent I have now. I wish parents would be less fearful of tears and more aware of years - the many years these kids have to navigate the task world with other people when mom and dad are not around.
A.T. - 25-Sep-19 @ 5:11 AM
I've been with dating wonderful woman for the last 2.5 years. It' took me ages to find a good one 10 years of divorce. Alas, Her children, 9 & 12 are eventually going to finally push me away. The have 2 very different personalities, so my struggle to make a connection with either of them is a different challenge. I suppose I could handle a lot, but I'm a stickler for manners. No "please, thanks yous', hello or any of the basics when they converse with me, her or anyone I can see. They are whiny and petulant and she lets them roll right over her. I raised 2 of my own now adults, but never had to remind them at that age to be appreciate or civil. I'm not saying I was father of the year, but I assumed there were minimum standards. After a phone and text exchange a few nights ago, it appears my dream-girl has is't having it with me in regards to the complaints about her kids. She says everyone loves her kids and gets compliments on well mannered they are. This blows my mind. I don't have the heart to tell her how many of her friends and family members how confided in me opposite with statements. I don't defend her kids when I hear this, I just listen and don't say anything. It really feels inevitable at the moment that I will have to walk away from this woman. I'f I do, I will NEVER date a woman with non-grown children again..
M - 11-Sep-19 @ 3:25 PM
I've been with my husband 10yrs married 1yr we have a 5yr old together he has 2 older kids from his forst marriage i always thought me and his kids got on fine how wrong was i. My husbands granddaughter came to stay and while i was connecting her i pad i seen messages from my husbands son (her uncle) saying how he hated me i was fat ugly etc and saying his dad was a usely dad and that he hated him.this was messaged to a 10yr old anyway i didnt say anything till a few weeks later we was on a night out and messages came up on my husbands phone from his son calling me every name under the sun i was drunk rang his son had it out with him then i read more messages from his ex wife also hateing on me mind you ive never met her it all kicked off to say the least My husband son is 36yrs old his daughter is 32yrs old yhey never came to the wedding that was there chose his daughter said she would come to the wedding her daughter husbands (granddaughter) was ment to be bridesmaid got the dress etc on the morning she just didnt turn up nor answer calls then a few days after she rang has tho everything was fine Im at my wits end i just keep thinking maybe its time i left with our 5yr old and let my husband be with his kids
Heartbroken - 6-Sep-19 @ 11:40 AM
My husband and I have been together for 5 years. I have three children he has three children. We are a blended family. The first year was wonderful our children got along they all lived with us until his older daughter started listening to the mother and not liking me so she ran away to her moms which she never had to do because my husband always said if they wanted to be there mother they could. So two of his daughters moved in with the ex wife. Things get worst each year. A year after his girls moved out the mother coached the last daughter to move in teaching them to hate me and that there daddy only loved my children and didn’t want them. So as of today his children won’t come to schedule visitations because they hate me and my children. We cry a lot because my children and I grew very close to my husband girls to not understand what we did wrong for them to hate us. Also my husband had a girlfriend before me he date for a month one of his daughters go stays with her every weekend and kept in contact with her she recently moved back and started dating my husbands brother and my stepdaughter stays over there every weekend she lets her smoke marijuana and I showed proof to my husband and his ex wife and neither of them punished her I was in shock because my husband is very strict on my children even though he’s not there bio dad he raises them because there bio dad gave them up and I was a single mother before I met him. He’s very strict on my children but his children not so much. The ex girlfriend has now made his daughter hate me and told me I’m not her stepmom that the gf of a month is cause her dad dated her before me and she calls me names like your just my dads fat ugly blowfish wife & is teaching the 7. Year old who loves me to hate me. Today is her birthday and I refused to go with my husband because since she calls his ex gf of one month her stepmom that’s who I feel she wants with her for her special day so why should I go to be talked about. Now my husbands mad cause I didn’t go. I’m tired of hurting my husband don’t understand and it’s like he and her mom could care a less what she does and how she disrespect me I forgot to add she turned 14 today. I feel my marriage is failing
Cristy o - 10-Aug-19 @ 11:06 PM
My husband and I have been together 6 yeas. Each year is getting worse with his 3 kids. They are now 15,12,and 10 &1/2. They are constantly rude and disrespectful. They have broken some old my personal things and don’t get into trouble. My husband never defends me or anything when his kids do things or say things to me. Also he is now spent every single weekend this summer leaving me home alone in a city that I have zero friends. Thank never included in anything because the kids get upse and so he gives into them and based abandons me. One weekend last summer my husband had the perfect opening to change the situation when I had suggested that when him and his son were done with the water park ythatthe three of us could go play miniature golf or go bowling. His kid threw a tantrum and said no. My husband chose to give in to him and told him that it was ok if he didn’t want to do anything with me as part of an activity. That crushed me. When I said something to my husband later in private he just blew it off. Any suggestions from anyone is appreciated.
Smurfette - 27-Jul-19 @ 7:27 PM
Hi everyone im sitting here with tears in my eyes im married a year and it has been the worst year of my life. My husband and i only have family issues his adult kids who dont come visit and bring grandkids he has to go there without me. His 21 yr old son lives with us he never greets just does what he wants i dont talk to him or reprimand him. I ignore. Yesterday he came into the kitchen whilst i was preparing supper and blew smoke into my face i bit my cheeks open on the inside to ignore him and not react .he now changes password on wifi as soon as his father leaves and makes sure its on by the time he walks in . Im so broken he doesnt correct him or reprimand his rudeness and im doing my best to remain calm please help me
Snookums - 23-Jul-19 @ 10:37 AM
I'm married to my wife of 17 years and she has a son from the previous marriage. I've raised her son without adoption for 15 years until he found his own apartment. My wife and I have 3 children legally together and they are all minors. However; when any of our children disobeys and disrespect their mother (my wife), I step in to control the situation. Nonetheless; if my wife feels that I as their biological father is not enforcing stricter rules and corrections; she will text my 27 year old stepson to drive from his apartment to our house and take over my job in correctingmy child in defense of his mom and to show me he can do a better job. I've defended my child over my stepson barging into my home and yelling at my child and me both with complete disrespect. Yet; my wife says she has every right to keep contacting her son to come over to our house and take action and my stepson is proud to show how tough he is and how he will defend his mom even if he had to kill me in front of my children. Does my wife have that right? Does my 27 year old stepson have that right? Do I have any Rights?
Joey - 22-Jul-19 @ 5:09 AM
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